Work with purpose.
This is your moment.

Excellence is in
our DNA

At Charles River, you’ll find genuine fulfillment in your work. That’s because each of us is committed to doing the right things and doing them the right way. It’s what we call the CRL DNA, and it’s the framework that brings focus and passion to all of our efforts.

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We Care

Do the Right Thing, Seek Success with a Higher Standard.

When you’re in the business of creating a healthier future for millions, nothing less than the best will do. Our greatest impact comes in those moments when we openly and honestly work with care and respect to protect every resource of Charles River (our assets, colleagues, equipment, and environments). Acting with integrity sustains our legacy and our livelihood.

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We Lead

Shape Our Future, Tomorrow is What We Make it – Today.

Each day, your efforts affect others, and vice versa. When our work starts with an understanding of the people, communities, and markets we serve, we end up with a greater appreciation for the impact we all have. Taking a moment to share what we learn along the way supports smarter decisions that lead to better outcomes.

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We Own

Act Like an Owner, The Healthier Future Belongs to Us All.

Enterprise-wide at Charles River, every member of our team has the opportunity, and responsibility, to own their role in the process, and the impact it creates. Our shared mission is ambitious but achievable. These lofty goals demand we’re prepared for the moments when we are called on to OWN both the plan and its outcomes, and to demonstrate the consistent follow-through that leads to success.

Two male and one female Charles River professional colleagues talking in a laboratory setting

We Collaborate

Work Inclusively, Communicate, Cooperate, Integrate.

Inclusivity is about more than just recognizing the existence of diverse perspectives. It’s about realizing the power of a culture that values and incorporates the varied experiences and skills of all members. Every minute spent building partnerships is a moment closer to “Creating Better Together” by achieving our common goals and rewarding the contributions of all.

A foundation for your future

At Charles River, you’ll be able to reach your fullest potential in a culture where bold vision, high aspirations, and close collaboration are an everyday reality.

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From day one, you will have a meaningful impact on patient outcomes and the health of the entire world in a very big way. This isn’t about one singular product or drug. We are directly engaged in getting 80% of drugs that are FDA-approved into the market. Here, you will be part of building a comprehensive offering that allows our partners to make smart decisions critical to the health of our communities.
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Older male Charles River laboratory employee in a blue coat
We come to work each day determined to challenge, evolve, elevate, and simplify some of the most complex processes in drug development – from conception to marketing approval. An entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to grow are what propel us forward. You’ll be part of a fast-paced, dynamic organization that gives you ample opportunity and support to achieve unimaginable heights in your career.
Older male Charles River laboratory employee in a blue coat
Two Charles River laboratory professionals collaborating in a laboratory setting
We’re on the cusp of the next big thing and always working at the forefront of the industry. There’s a force pushing us to greater heights, and that momentum is what will propel your career forward, opening doors you might never have thought possible. Our leaders are committed to inspiring you to excel and seek out new challenges that directly impact your personal and professional growth and development. Every day, our fast-paced environment brings new challenges that create learning and training opportunities to help you exceed your potential.
Two Charles River laboratory professionals collaborating in a laboratory setting