The Charles River DNA

CRL DNA is a framework that enables us to live our values and drive business success.  It provides behavioral descriptions for four levels including: All Colleagues, People Leaders, Leader of People Leaders, and Senior Leaders.

CRL DNA is tied to our values and describes the fundamental characteristics and behaviors needed for individual and collective success for all employees at Charles River. It provides guidance and clarity for how we interact with each other, along with hiring, onboarding, development, goal setting, performance management, leadership development, and other talent processes throughout the organization.

When demonstrated by all employees, the behaviors will foster a culture that supports engagement and retention, serve as a foundation for development and career wellbeing, and enable everyone to fully contribute to business results and ultimately Charles River’s purpose of creating healthier lives.


Do the Right Thing
Seek Success with a Higher Standard

When you’re in the business of creating a healthier future for millions, nothing less than the best will do. Our greatest impact comes in those moments when we openly, honestly work with care and respect to protect every resource of Charles River (our assets, colleagues, equipment, and environments). Acting with integrity sustains our legacy and our livelihood. 


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Shape Our Future
Tomorrow is What We Make it – Today.

Each day, your efforts affect others, and vice versa. When our work starts with an understanding of the people, communities, and markets we serve, we end up with a greater appreciation for the impact we all have. Taking a moment to share what we learn along the way supports smarter decisions that lead to better outcomes. 


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Make a Discovery

What makes us different - the collective talent of our people - it is what makes everything possible. A career with Charles River is so much more than a job. For many, it’s a personal journey. The difference you can make starts the moment you arrive. Beyond the innovative therapies we support, your important work has impact on countless lives locally and globally.


Act Like an Owner
The Healthier Future Belongs to Us All

Enterprise-wide at Charles River, every member of our team has the opportunity, and responsibility, to own their role in the process, and the impact it creates. Our shared mission is ambitious but achievable. These lofty goals demand we’re prepared for the moments when we are called on to OWN both the plan and its outcomes, and to demonstrate the consistent follow-through that leads to success.


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Work Inclusively
Communicate. Cooperate. Integrate.

Inclusivity is about more than just recognizing the existence of diverse perspectives. It’s about realizing the power of a culture that values and incorporates the varied experiences and skills of all members. Every minute spent building partnerships is a moment closer to “Creating Better Together” by achieving our common goals and rewarding the contributions of all.