We'll Help You Grow

Helping our employees grow, both personally and professionally, is of the utmost importance to us. That is because, when our employees thrive, we thrive too. From day one, our employees are set up for success so that they can achieve both their short and long-term career goals. Throughout the organisation, a variety of training courses are offered to meet individual styles, from one-on-one meetings and classroom settings to collaborative virtual spaces and on-demand video learning. From seed to tree, we empower our employees, allowing them to grow and flourish into tomorrow’s leaders, today.    

"There are many opportunities to grow and develop skills both on and off-site." - Jane T. Spencerville, OH

Continuing Education & Tuition Reimbursement

We encourage our employees to continually enhance their ability to contribute to the success of the organization and advance their careers. Charles River carries out this commitment by assisting with the cost of continued education. Under the Tuition Reimbursement Policy, we encourage employees to pursue courses or a program of study that will benefit both the employee and Charles River. We also have special partnerships with several universities to help employees accomplish their education goals.

Northeastern University Partnership

Drexel University Partnership


Sabbatical Program

The Charles River Sabbatical Program provides employees with four weeks of paid leave that they can devote to benefitting themselves or others. Employees can engage in activities that further career development or community service activities that nurture personal development. This program promotes a culture that supports personal growth and celebrates the contributions of our employees, both inside and outside the workplace. The Sabbatical Program is available to all full‑time employees with at least five years of service.

Global Leadership Development Program

Charles River employees are given the opportunity to develop and build a strong foundation of leadership skills and professional excellence. Customised programs are available to support capacity building of those who aspire to be leaders, all the way to top level seasoned executives. 





Internal Career Mobility

At Charles River, we believe in growing our talent from within. We encourage and inspire employees to explore and apply their talent and capabilities to new roles in different areas of our business portfolio. This gives our employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge, unleash their hidden potential and propel their career forward.