Charles River supports research at every point along the drug discovery and development continuum.

Research Model & Services

Fundamental to basic research and discovery is our use of in vivo models to help identify disease targets and determine potential biological pathways that regulate a condition.  As the world leader in the production and distribution of the highest quality research animal, with 1 out of 2 animal models produced for pre-clinical research globally, we understand the importance of this step. With seven decades of experience, our expertise is unmatched, allowing us to provide you with the perfect model, including disease-specific and pre-conditioned options, for basic research and beyond.


Discovery from Charles River is industry-proven in the successful development of novel therapies, with over 320 patents and 74 pre-clinical drug candidates delivered to our sponsors in the past 17 years. Backed by more than 650 scientists, our comprehensive, integrated portfolio employs the latest technology and platforms to provide chemistry, biology and pharmacology services that support clients from the earliest stages of hit identification all the way through to investigational new drugs (IND). Our client-focused, collaborative approach creates true partnerships that anticipate challenges, overcome obstacles and move us forward together on the journey of getting new drugs to market.

Safety Assessment

Charles River is committed to helping our partners expedite their pre-clinical drug development with exceptional safety assessment services, state-of-the-art facilities and expert regulatory guidance. From individual speciality toxicology and IND enabling studies to tailored packages and total laboratory support, our highly experienced team can design and implement programmes that anticipate challenges and avoid road blocks for a smooth, efficient journey to market.  Each year, approximately 120 investigational new drug (IND) programmes are run in our Safety Assessment facilities.

Microbial Solutions

Our Microbial Solutions business group has a comprehensive portfolio of endotoxin testing, microbial detection and microbial identification products and services is unlike any other, and has been purposefully designed to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of the industry. We help clients to ensure product safety and quality, with easy-to-use, yet robust testing solutions that satisfy regulatory requirements, support critical decision making and improve operational efficiencies.

Biologics Testing Solutions

With more than 50 years of experience and proven regulatory expertise, the Charles River Biologics group can address challenging projects for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Offering a variety of services, such as contamination and impurity testing, protein characterisation, bio-assays, viral clearance studies and stability and product release procedures, we support clients throughout the biological development cycle, from the establishment and characterisation of cell banks to pre-clinical and clinical studies and thence to marketed products. Whether clients need a stand-alone service, a unique package of testing or in-sourced support, our Biologics group can create a customised solution to suit their needs.  Each year more than 20,000 biological testing reports are despatched and over 200 licenced products are supported by our biological testing solutions team.

Insourcing Solutions℠

Charles River Insourcing Solutions℠ can streamline research by delivering operational and cost efficiencies through the strategic insourcing of GMP, GLP and non-GLP research services from discovery to safety assessment. Insourcing Solutions℠ provides you with the ability to maintain control of your establishment and expertise while leveraging available space.

Avian Vaccine Services

Our Avian business group gives vaccine manufacturers and researchers the comfort of knowing that the raw materials used in their manufacturing process are free of extraneous substances. Charles River has established flock- handling and egg-production procedures that set the global industry standard.

Corporate Functions

The Corporate Functions provide operational support throughout Charles River in areas such as Human Resources, Finance, IT, Legal, Sales, Quality Assurance, Marketing and Corporate Development. They partner with their colleagues across the company to develop and drive strategies and to set global standards. These functions are essential to providing a bridge between strategic vision and operational readiness, to ensure ongoing functional innovation and capability improvement.