Yokohama, Japan

"We have opportunities to contribute with clients who develop medicines or medical care. I feel such opportunities are surprisingly large. As a global company, we also work with foreign colleagues." Kazuki T.

Working in Yokohama

We offer a high quality and a wide range of products and services. (1) manufacture and sale of laboratory animals (2) experimental sale of animals using value-added services (in non-GLP domestic contract test services / contract breeding services / microbial monitoring services / surgery / blood service, etc), (3) reagents for in vitro research (human frozen hepatocytes, etc), ( 4) (including GLP) subcontracted services such as drugs in overseas facilities, chemicals, pesticides. 






Living in Yokohama

Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city and it has many activities to experience the Japanese culture. From enjoying a picnic with an ocean view, watching a professional sport game or savoring Japan’s most diverse culinary traditions, Yokohama will not disappoint. The zoo and aquarium will make your visit more enjoyable with an added twist of Japanese revolutionary video technology. Japanese anime is very popular and there are museums where you can familiarize with such fascinating world and buy anime keepsakes that are only found in Japan. Yokohama is home to many forms of art whether is traditional “Noh” theater performance or modern art, you will enjoy such rich culture. Your Yokohama experience would not be complete without visiting Chinatown and Noge’s eateries and pubs.



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