Talent Acquisition


Visits: 195,112

Apply starts: 31,703

Application complete: 23,200

Hires: 191 (animal care, lab jobs, operations)

Monthly budget: $11,400.


Visits: 108,729

Apply starts: 5,120

Application completes: 3,787

Hires: 157 (animal care, lab jobs)

Monthly budget: $0.


Visits: 43,933

Apply starts: 11,144

Application completes: 8,402

Hires: 39 (scientific areas, high technical)

Two-Year agreement:  $266,224.


Visits: 12,112 on career site. 22,484 on Glassdoor. 1,872 followers.

Apply starts: 1,612

Application complete: 1, 230

Hires: 10

Proposed price: $17,250. 90-day pilot 150 jobs. $96,000 after trial period for 150 jobs.


Visits: 4,011

Apply starts: 656

Application complete: 405

Hires: 3

Proposed price: $65,000. 90-day pilot All jobs.


Description: University recruitment. 

Profile views: 379

Job views: 2,690

Price: $0

Proposed pricing for enhanced services: $50,000. Services include campaign branding, diversity outreach, virtual events.


Talent Engagement

Artificial Intelligence

Tier 1

Description:  Personalization, LinkedIn integration, talent community, similar job alerts, etc.  It also includes the Analytics Portal, as well as the CMS (content management system).  Also included is apply integration with ATS.

Price: $40,000-$60,000.

Tier 2

Description:   Real Time CRM - including recruiter dashboards options, texting messaging options, campaigning, events.

Price: $70,000-$80,000.

Tier 3

Description:   Success Factors talking to every level of Phenom.

Price: $90,000+.

Text Message & Chat 

Talent Analytics


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