Senneville, Quebec

“There are many reasons why working at Charles River over 23 years continues to be great! The work we do everyday to improve the health and lives of so many people daily is like no other job.” Carmela P.

Working in Montréal

Charles River’s site in Montreal, Canada, offers routine toxicology and various specialized services such as inhalation and infusion toxicology, bone research, and ocular, reproductive and genetic toxicology. It also offers a wide range of laboratory-based services, including metabolism and pharmacokinetics, immunology, and preclinical and clinical chemistry.







Living in Montréal

Charles River Montréal is an ideal location for those who are looking for an easy commute. Nature lovers particularly appreciate the area because of its proximity to Lac des Deux Montagnes. Senneville is 20 minutes away from downtown Montreal and it's very close to various colleges and universities including John Abbot College and McGill University. Compared to Vancouver and Toronto, buying a home in Montreal is relatively affordable as is our cost of living.






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