“One of the main things I like about working here in Harlow is the people – everyone is very friendly and supportive. I really like the flexible working time arrangements too” Jamie-Lee R. 

Working in Harlow

Charles River's Harlow, UK site has a highly qualified staff with experience working across all major druggable target classes and therapeutic areas. It is considered one of our centers of excellence for integrated drug discovery. Charles River’s Harlow facility operates in compliance with the requirements of the following regulatory agencies or accredited organizations: CIR Accreditation 2015-2017.

Some of Harlow's service areas are: In vitro drug discovery, Molecular biology, Biochemical and cellular assay development and screening among others. 

The site has approximately 150 scientific staff members.



Living in Harlow

The CRL site in Harlow is about a 5 minute drive from the town centre and offers great access both to London as well as Cambridge via the M11. There is a fantastic array of shops and restaurants nearby in the town centre which offers a variety of choices for lunch or even to run a quick errand during  lunch break.

One of the main attractions at CRL site in Harlow is the diversity it offers; not just at a scientific capacity, but also the people and activities. The site offers yoga classes as well as the badminton court for those fitness fanatics! Many people cycle into to work and take advantage of the numerous cycle path available in this area. The site itself is incredibly laid back and there is a great feeling of camaraderie.



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