Den Bosch, Netherlands

"Having the opportunity to contribute to the development of new drugs and to the safety of these products for people, animals and environment makes me a proud employee of Charles River." Harry E.

Working in Den Bosch

Charles River’s site in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, is a large in vivo and in in vitro facility that offers a full-service portfolio in environmental toxicology, toxicology and bioanalysis. The site provides registration and regulatory affairs support for global notifications and registrations of chemicals, biocides, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, including all REACH testing.







Living in Den Bosch

In the middle of the exciting province of Brabant, the Burgundian's-Hertogenbosch is also called Den Bosch. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands, this is mainly due to the beautiful historic center of Den Bosch. Den Bosch is one of the cultural capitals of the Netherlands and is located at the confluence of the Dommel, the AA and the Willemsvaart rivers, which together form the Binnendieze river. In the city there are several colleges and there are plenty of attractions to be found. Think of the beautiful city hall on the market, the Sint Jans Cathedral and the old fortifications. Nice restaurants and cafés can be found in the city. A famous delicacy is the Bossche bol. A delicious dough filled with whipped cream and covered with a thick layer of chocolate. And a day of shopping in 's-Hertogenbosch is definitely recommended.



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