Act Like an Owner
The Healthier Future Belongs to Us All

Enterprise-wide at Charles River, every member of our team has the opportunity, and responsibility, to own their role in the process, and the impact it creates. Our shared mission is ambitious but achievable. These lofty goals demand we’re prepared for the moments when we are called on to OWN both the plan and its outcomes, and to demonstrate the consistent follow-through that leads to success.


Develop Self
Never Stop Learning and Growing

Accurately understanding our strengths, and our opportunities for improvement, empowers us to humbly yet eagerly pursue new experiences. Being confident in facing changes, resilient when they come, and open to input and assistance in managing these defining moments, is how we “own our development” and reach our greatest potential.


Show Courage
Changing the World is a Bold Endeavor

When you’re part of a team whose mission is as important as creating healthier lives for millions worldwide, your opportunity to “Be the Difference” comes regularly. Challenging the status quo requires the bravery to take a stand for what needs to be said and done. Moments like these are won by the direct, decisive, and determined –the Revolutionary Change Makers at Charles River.